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Hiding in Plain Sight 2

Luke 8:16-21

A number of years ago, researchers of the human brain discovered the importance of mental stimulation for brain health and vitality. They coined the phrase “use it or lose it.” Studies show that the brain that is not mentally stimulated will atrophy. According to Jesus’ words in this text, the same applies to truth; ...

Hiding in Plain Sight

Luke 8:16-21

The woman had prayed for this day. Now it had arrived, and she didn’t know what to do. She found, to her surprise, that she didn’t really want to kill the young man, or throw him in jail, or torture him. In that moment of reckoning, she found she only wanted one thing: a ...

How to Produce Lasting Fruit 4

Luke 8:1-15

Our rewards will be based on our faithfulness to the Master and how we have ministered to His needs. Jesus said we minister to Him by serving others. What is in your storehouse today? What will be in your storehouse for eternity?

How to Produce Lasting Fruit 3

Luke 8:1-15

"We must understand the qualities of the soil, and make it our goal to allow the Word of God in the hands of the Spirit of God to plow deeply in our hearts. The more we submit to God’s Word the things of earth will hold ..."

How to Produce Lasting Fruit 2

Luke 8:1-15

"We must understand that the seed of God’s Word is of highest quality. There is nothing that can compare to it in purity and potential." How so?