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Crushing Sorrow

John 20:11-18

We all face events in life that cause deep sorrow. Mary certainly did. Her Lord had died, and now His tomb was empty. The more we love someone, the greater our sorrow. What could possibly turn her sorrow to joy?

John 20:1-10

All of us have certain fears that keep bothering us. Whether it is money, or success, or something else, they can take up all our energy. Is it possible to overcome lasting fears? Let us start by examining the cause.

Where Did They Lay Him

John 19:38-42

Some today claim Jesus did not die. The Romans said He did. The Jews said He did. God says He did. Let us examine God's record for ourselves. There are several details in His burial that should leave very little doubt.

The Wonder of it All

Isaiah 53, John 19:31-37

Some people in Jesus’ day thought they crucified a dangerous criminal. Some people thought He was a powerful rival. So, in some way, they knew they must get rid of Him. Few knew then what the crucifixion really meant. Even though Jesus had spoken about His crucifixion to His disciples, yet even they hardly knew what He was talking about.

The Completed Act

Psalms 22:18, John 19:23-30

The only certainty we have is the fact of the end. The time of the end is hidden from us. Not so with Jesus. The record contained in John’s Gospel shows us how Jesus came to His death.