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Doing God’s WIll

Exodus 23:20-33

How can we know God’s will? What direction can we find from His Word? Sometimes our course of action is very clear; other times, not so much. Are we obedient when God’s will is revealed? What are His promises?

Hearing God Speak

Exodus 20:18-26

Our God is an awesome God. In light of His greatness and holiness, there is much for sinners to fear. But He has a purpose in our trembling. Repentance opens us to be cleansed and changed. We hunger and thirst after righteousness. Watch how God reconciles all things unto Himself.

Being God’s People

Exodus 20:1-17

Too many want to be God’s people without paying the price. To be God’s people, certain lines of conduct are required; they cannot be sidestepped. Matthew 22:37-40 summarizes these Ten Commandments well.

How To Meet God

Exodus 19:9-25

Quick! Clean up. Company is coming! What about God? Are you ready to meet Him? Many people pass away while heaven and earth remain. They meet their Maker every day. So let me make this plain. Are you ready?

God’s Choice of a People

Exodus 19:1-8

Who is the Creator of the world? God is. He gives every one of us a choice. And He makes choices, too. How did Jesus, our Savior, come into this world? Through the people that God chose to do His work, the Jews. If God chooses you to do something, how should you respond? Let’s see.