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The Crucifixion

Isaiah 53:3-9, John 19:16-22

The most solemn event of human history recorded is the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. His life has challenged many men to live right all down through the centuries. Many have suffered death because of their faith in Him. The Bible records leave no room to doubt that He was actually crucified. It is to that solemn event we give attention in this meditation.

The Final Choice

Matthew 28:19, John 19:8-15, Romans 1

All of us face choices every day. Some choices are very serious. Some may be rather trivial. But each decision requires the will to carry it out. Serious choices can mean the difference between life and death. The most far-reaching choice is the choice we make for or against Jesus Christ because that has to do with the destiny of this life.

Who Is Guilty?

John 19:1-7, Romans 3:19, 3:21–22, James 1

In every land, the government has some process by which to administer justice. There is undoubtedly in all countries a system of courts. They are not all the same, but there are processes to deal with lawbreakers. The tragedy is when innocent people are assumed to be guilty before evidence of guilt has been established.

Pilate, The Roman Governor

John 12:32, 18:28–40, James 1

Rome had governors in various parts of the empire, but the governing of Palestine seemed to be so difficult that Pilate, the Governor, was responsible directly to the emperor in Rome. Years ago, a pillar was found in the ruins of Caesarea along the seacoast. In the inscription on that pillar was the name Pilatus, that is Latin for Pilate.

The High Priest

John 18:12-20, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11, James 1

Some of Jesus’ teachings clashed with the interpretation of the religious leadership. He had encountered them on different occasions. It is not surprising, then, that after His arrest He would be brought first before the religious court.