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There Is a Difference

Exodus 8:16-32

What is the difference? Some differences are more obvious than others. Some frauds, false gods, are easier to detect. But there is one God who is true, and He has made a distinction between His people and others.

None Like God

Exodus 8:1-15

What is it that makes God unique? How is it that there are no other gods like Him? He is no insecure, petty, or powerless ‘god,’ and He proves this by how He worked with Moses and Pharaoh.

When Water Turned To Blood

Exodus 7:14-25

There is one great truth we need to keep before us. There will be a time of judgment. God has promised and predicted the time of judgment, and we must remember this as we watch the events in our world today.

You Can’t Stop God

Exodus 7:1-13

Hope does not mean we ignore the conditions. Hope means to rise above them. It means to trust in One who controls all conditions. There is no hope except in God’s Word and in faith in God, unstoppable and good.

God Does Not Forget!


How long does it take to put a plan into action? People need time to make choices, for or against God and His ways. God does not forget. His plan is in action. What proof do we have? Listen to find out!