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Peter, His Failure

Psalms 18:35, John 18:10-27, James 1

Forgiveness is truly unique to Christianity, and this is one aspect of Jesus' teaching worth thinking more about. Today as we look at Peter’s failure, we hope you will be reminded of Christ’s forgiveness to you.

Judas, the Betrayer

Psalms 22, Isaiah 53, Zechariah 11:12-13, John 18:1-9

Certain Bible passages predicted Jesus' death many centuries before He was born. There was King David, for example, when he wrote Psalm 22. In it, he describes a kind of death that is most clearly a death by crucifixion. The Prophet Isaiah in chapter 53 of his book, 700 years before Christ, spoke also about One who would bear the sins of many in His death.

The High Calling

John 17:18-26

Very few if any people live up to their full potential. We are doing less than we are capable of doing. That’s true in many respects. Our minds are capable of much more than we engage them with. Bodily, and physically we probably could do much more than we are doing if we were, in fact, doing all we could. The real sin is when we are satisfied with less than the possible. To be the best we can be, we should reach for more every day. We need to know then what is expected of us.

Jesus’s Goal for Disciples

John 17:9-17, Romans 3:23, 1 Peter 1:16

In life, we achieve the most when we set goals for ourselves. It is usually best to set a goal that isn’t reached too easily, so we must stretch, as it were, and try just a little bit harder to achieve that goal. In the spiritual life, there are also goals to be achieved.


John 17:1-8, 1 Corinthians 15, Revelation 20:13-14

There are no two people who are exactly alike. Sometimes we may see someone who reminds us of a friend, but we are all a little different. Yet, we can say Jesus has no one nearly like Him. The Bible calls Him the only one of God.